9 Realities About Dreams from God


God gives dreams. It’s one of the results of being intimately connected with the Spirit of God. But because dreams are so personal and sometimes unusual, how do we know which ones are actually from God? How do we know how to respond to them? How do we know they are for us?

Here are 9 realities about dreams about that are important to know as you seek to hear from God:

1.  Dreams are always bigger than our current reality.

Dreams by their very nature must be bigger than our current life – or they wouldn’t be dreams! Yours may be for a restored relationship, for a physical healing, for your family, for your job, or for your future. Accept the fact is okay and natural for the dream to be bigger than your current life situation!

2.  Dreams are always bigger than your current abilities, strength, and resources.

The dreams we have for a bigger future will almost always be achievable only by abilities, strength, time, and resources that we do not currently have. You cannot measure your dream for the future by what you currently have. If you could, you would already have your dream come true!

3.  Dreams are always bigger than the people around you.

While God does bring people into our lives to help us see our dreams come true, we must not measure the dreams by those people. The dreams God gives will not only be bigger than your own abilities and resources, they will be bigger than those around you too!  Sometimes the people around us will not understand our dreams. They may react to them.

4.  Dreams are always bigger than what you can comprehend.

The dreams that God gives are like Him – big! They will seem impossible. That is one of the trademarks of a dream! It may seem impossible for people you know to reconcile, for a job to be given, for people to change, for provision to happen. If it is incomprehensible, you may be on the right path!

5.  Dreams are always intended to stun and overwhelm.

The reality of a dream is that you are overwhelmed at how wonderful it would be and how amazing it would be for it to happen. They also serve as a tangible way for our heart to see the goodness of God. Because He has been overwhelmingly good to us in Jesus Christ, we can know that He desires to give us every good thing.

6.  Dreams are born in and understood only in our spirit.

Dreams come to those who believe in Jesus in a place deeper than the mind, emotions, or will. They come into the place where we commune with God – in our spirit. If they came to just our mind, we would give up on them when we couldn’t logically understand them. If they came to just our emotions, we would give up on them when we didn’t emotionally feel great about them. If they came to just our will, we would give up when we lost our determination. Instead they come to us in a place deeper than all of them – a place where we meet with God.

7.  Dreams are born when there great humility and realization of great love.

Dreams from God are only born into hearts that are humble and filled with belief that they are loved by God. Hearts that are arrogant and uncertain about being loved only see small dreams and live small lives. They live on anger, resentment, bitterness, jealousy, and insecurity. Hearts that are humble feed on the goodness, faithfulness, greatness, and grace of God. They are alive. They dream!

8.  Dreams unite our heart in an intimate way with God.

Dreams are intended to stun us, overwhelm us, humble us, and cause us to cling only to the favor, love, and faithfulness of God. When all others laugh at us, turn away from us, and mock at us, God is there to hear our cry, reassure us, and encourage us with His closeness and faithfulness to bring about what He has begun.

9.  Dreams from God are always rooted in connecting others with the greatness of Jesus

Dreams from God will always have at their center – a passion for others to know Jesus. While we may have a dream for earthly possessions, He has dreams for us to be used to change the lives of others. While we may want a house, He wants us to help others have a home in heaven. While we may want security, He wants us to help others know the security of knowing His Son Jesus! You’ll know your dream is truly from God when you take in the wonder that He desires to use you to usher in His Kingdom. If your dream isn’t at that level, then you aren’t dreaming big enough!

Dream big! Hear from God! See Him loving you! See Him working through you! See your world being changed because of His dreams for you!


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