4 Ways to Curb Your Appetites

life unimaginable


Appetite comes from deep inside.  It’s the signal from our body that there is hunger and need.  The curious reality is that there is physical hunger and there is soul hunger.  From time to time I feel the physical hunger for steak. Sometimes I want pizza and sometimes I want Mexican food.  Appetite speaks clearly to tell me what would really be good at that moment.

The appetites of the soul speak with the same kind of specifics.  The soul hungers for things deeper within.  From time to time it craves to be noticed, to be forgiven, to be accepted, for peace, to be understood, and for things to be right.  The hunger for these show up in my life at various times.  They come alive when I am alone, when I have failed, when I feel distant, when I am afraid.  My soul appetite speaks clearly to tell me…

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