5 Valuable Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day


This Sunday families across the United States will celebrate Father’s Day.  While Mother’s Day was established as a national holiday by Woodrow Wilson and congress in 1914, it would not be until 1972 that Richard Nixon and congress would designate the third Sunday in June as a national holiday we know now as Father’s Day. 

The question arises for every family, “What do we get for dad?”  Gifts of ties and socks have become a cliche for the holiday.  So what is it that dad wants?  What is the best gift for a dad? The best gifts may be those that cannot be purchased in a store.

Below are 5 gifts that don’t require batteries and will not rust or fade over time.  They are priceless gifts that speak to the heart of a father.  Offer these gifts to dad with sincerity and watch his face light up with joy.

1.      Verbally tell him how much you appreciate him.

A loving dad sees his primary role in being the one who works hard and provides for his children.  His greatest rewards is seeing his children happy and enjoying what he has worked hard to provide.  Therefore, one of the greatest things a child can do for their dad is to express appreciation for all he has done for them.

It’s great when that appreciation comes in the form of a card or gift, but there is something special about hearing these words verbally.  Words and tone of voice that can be heard, sensed, and felt have an impact that goes deep into the soul and ring for years deep within a dad’s heart.

While you still have the opportunity, tell your father how much you appreciate his hard work in providing for you. Set aside the things that may irritate and frustrate you about him.  No dad is perfect.  If he worked hard, let him know with the sound of your voice how much you appreciate him for it.

2.      Verbally tell him how much you love him.

Thanking dad for what he did for you is good.  Loving your dad for just being dad is even better.  Every dad loves to be appreciated, but no dad wants to be known for just being an ATM machine or a hard worker.  After you’ve had the opportunity to express your appreciation for what he’s done, find a way to tell him how much you love him for just being your dad. Let him know he is loved for just being him.

While dad likes to appear strong, in control, and never in need, there is a longing deep within him to know he is loved.  He needs to know he is loved not just for what he’s done.  And even more importantly that he is loved in spite of the things he has done.  Your dad is painfully aware of his shortcomings and weaknesses.  He may not talk about them or admit them, but he knows them.  A child’s love expressed to dad is a powerful healing touch to the wounds of the soul.

3.      Spend time with him. 

Third on our list of valuable gifts for dad is taking time to just be with him.  It could involve going somewhere or doing something together.  However, avoid letting the things you do overshadow time for conversation and comfortableness together.  Here are some ways to make that time the most special for you and him.

  • Talk about favorite memories from the past.
  • Ask him about what life was like when he was growing up.
  • Ask him questions about his dad.
  • Tell him things you remember most about him when you were a child.
  • Talk about funny things he’s done and laugh together.
  • Look through old pictures together.
  • Visit the place he grew up and ask him about his time there.

4.      Love the rest of the family.

One of the things that touch the soul of a dad is to see his kids and the members of his family loving and enjoying being together.  There is something deeply satisfying for a dad to know there is peace, love, and joy in the family.  Nothing breaks his heart more than knowing there is tension, conflict, and unrest.

Give your dad the honest and sincere gift of genuinely loving the rest of the family.  Don’t pretend or fake it.  Dads see through that.  Love your mom, love your siblings, and love extended family members.  Find ways to appreciate, speak kindly of, and find joy in the people that mean the most to him.  It will be a precious and invaluable gift to dad.

5.      Live as loved.

Perhaps the greatest gift that a child can give to dad is the gift of living loved.  Live your life with the confidence of knowing how much you are loved and treasured.  Nothing touches the heart of a dad more deeply than knowing that his children live loved.  Your dad longs to see you happy, fulfilled, at peace, and confident.  He wants to know that in deep within you know how much you are loved.

It breaks a dad’s heart to see a son or daughter live unfulfilled, unhappy, and in conflict.  This doesn’t mean a dad doesn’t want to hear about your struggles or hurts.  He knows they are part of the reality of life.  He longs to know that in the midst of those struggles and hurts that you know deep within, no matter what you go through, that you are loved.  That one thing brings the greatest delight to a dad.

This Father’s Day give your dad what is priceless.  Give him something worth more than what any store can offer.  As his child you have the opportunity to touch a part of his soul that no one else can.


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3 responses to “5 Valuable Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day

  1. Beautiful. This Father’s Day I am preparing a post advocating for something that he really cares about and recently shared that he wishes he could get the word out about. I think we often lose sight of what these holidays stand for and see them more as obligations to find a gift than a chance to say or do something meaningful. Thanks for sharing these great thoughts 🙂

  2. Your writing brought a tears to my eyes. I love my father so tremendously and have nothing to give him but love. I should talk to him more…while I still can.

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