Does Truth Have This Impact on You?


There are many people that claim to know the truth – the truth about life, God, and the Bible.  They stand with confidence and proclaim with confidence what they believe and live their lives accordingly.  Jesus said that there is one indispensable quality that shows up in the lives of people who know truth. 

They live free.  

Jesus said:

You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.  John 8:32

Before we look at what it means to have this kind of freedom, let’s first start with the word, “know.”  According to Jesus, this is what makes the difference – knowing.  This kind of knowing is far more than just mental agreement or knowledge of truth.  The word Jesus used means to experientially understand or perceive.  It is one thing to know or even believe a set of facts.  It is quite another to have a personal experience with a set of facts or truth.

The word “know” was used in Scripture to describe physical intimacy.  In that act there is experiential awareness of another person.  There is full body, soul, and mind interaction.  The oneness that occurs goes far beyond just knowing information about a person.

The person who has an experiential, soul-changing, encounter with the truth about who Jesus is comes away different.  They do more than just acquire information.  They do more than just memorize information. The reality of Jesus enters the very personal experiences of their life and produces a life-shaking result.

The truth that Jesus is and provides is that:

  • He is one with God.
  • He died on the cross so that we could have all sin forgiven.
  • He rose again as proof that God is pleased with His payment for us.
  • He gives the gift of complete righteousness and oneness with God.
  • He fulfilled the law, requirements, and demands so that we could be free from them.
  • He is the fullness of the Father’s love demonstrated for us.

We’re invited to take that truth into the very painful and dark areas of our life.  We can know:

  • Forgiveness of our very person, private, and dark sins
  • Acceptance when we feel rejected.
  • Intimacy when we feel far away.
  • Rightness when we feel we can never measure up.
  • The release of condemnation and fear of what God thinks of us.
  • The confidence of knowing we will forever be loved by Him.
  • Healing in the face of disappointment and hurt.

These areas are personal and private.  They are ones we don’t always expose to others.  Yet they are the one that when touched by the truth, create the greatest freedom and release.

This freedom liberates us and exempts us.  It removes the pressure to have to be perfect, measure up, or perform.  It unlocks deep love, gratefulness, joy, and peace.  It frees the soul to enter a dimension of absolute surrender.

Those who know truth walk in greater levels of this kind of freedom.

What does your knowledge of truth lead to?  For the Pharisees of the New Testament their knowledge of the Scriptures led them to greater duty, obligation, and pretense.  For those who “know” the truth of Jesus, they experience the wonder of living free.

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2 responses to “Does Truth Have This Impact on You?

  1. Dear Brian
    Thank you for speaking out against modern Pharisism! I had to leave orginizes church to find Him and the freedom He paid such a dear price for. The amount of spiritual abuse that happens in orginized Christian churches is wide and terrible. It is one thing to get raped physically, but quite another if your spirit are raped in the name of Jesus!
    Blessings as you continue to preach the truth

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