10 Books that Changed My Life in 2012


I enjoy reading.  Every book on the many shelves in my office represent a counselor, friend, and someone who has taught me something about life, relationships, and God. This year my reading has unlocked a vast treasure of new insight and meaning. The Bible has come alive with new hope.  My view of church once again is changing.  The way I relate to others is changing.  And my understanding of grace and faith has exploded with new insight!  As a result of what  these writers have imparted, I now have a new lens through which to see!

I recommend all of the following books with the hope that they would impact your life as much as they did mine!

mcvey_52_lies_heard_in_church_every_sunday  Book_Farley_Andrew_Heaven_Is_Now_2012  naked-gospel2 Grace-Walk-by-Steve-McVey2-194x300god-without-religion-can-it-really-be-this-simpleHelping Others Overcome Addictionsgrace forbidden gospel

HeLovesMethe cureChrist-Before-Creation-Edwards-Gene-9780940232044



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