Fear of Being Free


There are many things that I am afraid of.  

I dread the phone call in the middle of the night with tragic news, something bad happening to a loved one, heights, and roller coasters just to name a few.  And as odd as it may seem I still wrestle with the fear of being free.  Oh, don’t act like that’s not something you’ve ever struggled with.   Let me describe it to you and see if you’ve ever experienced it.

The Bible says that because of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ we are free from the guilt of all of our sins – the ones in the past as well as the ones we have not committed yet.  All sins, all paid for by Christ; no more condemnation.  The Bible also says that by faith in what Christ accomplished we are also made righteous, holy, and perfect.  Me, made as righteous as Christ by personally accepting it into the reality of my life – by faith.

In other words, I am completely free from fear of what I have done or could do to change my standing with God.  I have the fullness of His favor, blessing, and love already poured out on me in Christ.

I don’t have to live with fear that I might not read my Bible enough, might not pray enough, might not serve enough, and might not give enough.  I don’t have to live with the pressure to have to do any of those things or any other things to make myself pleasing to Him.

That is freedom.

That kind of freedom is unnerving, unsettling, and unusual.

That kind of freedom is humbling.

Now, let me ask you again, have you ever feared living in that level of freedom?  Does it feel a little strange?  Is there a part of you that from time to time thinks, “I need to do something to earn, deserve, or prove that I can have this kind of love.”

What if today you chose to live in the freedom that Christ secured for you? 

What if the reality of being forgiven and made completely righteous erupted in your heart?  What if you gave in to the wonder of that level of love?  What if you allowed it to overwhelm you?  What if you lived as though God was already fully pleased with you because of Christ?  What if you lived with no more pressure to have to make yourself pleasing to Him?

Imagine that kind of freedom!

Yet for some reason, we fear that kind of freedom.  We fear that there is something wrong with being that free.  We think that if we did, it might lead us into some deviant sin.  We think that it might not somehow honor God if we lived that free.  We think there has to be some restraint.  We think there has to be some rules, laws, and accountability.

It was for that fear of freedom that Paul would write to a group of believers in the New Testament…

For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.  Galatians 5:1

Don’t listen to the fear!  Don’t go back!  Don’t let your relationship to God be shaped by the things you do or don’t do.  Don’t think that you become more pleasing to Him the more that you do.  Live in the freedom that was given to you by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Break free from your fear and live free!

I am.


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4 responses to “Fear of Being Free

  1. Dear Brian
    Oh, the best freedom our Lord has ever given me, was to be free of religion to live in Him moment by moment … day after day! I think, if people are like I have been, are afraid of not earning their salvation.
    Bless you

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