Living in the Reality of Grace & Culture Simultaneously

Life is full of injustice.  Jesus said that in this life we will face trouble.  Sometimes that trouble will come in the form of injustice.  Everyone at some point will be treated unfairly.  If that alone were the end of the story, what a sad story we would have.  Into the darkness comes the reality of grace.  By faith in what Christ has done, we can know with confidence we are loved, have worth, are complete, have an inheritance, are valuable, are made pleasing, and are made part of a new and very different kingdom.

As citizens of the new kingdom still living within the kingdoms of this earth, it is tempting to define ourselves by the earthly kingdom.  Here worth is defined by the amount of possessions collected, the amount of power wielded, and the amount of popularity gained.  These however are not the expressions of measure in the kingdom of God.  In His kingdom honor comes to those who humble themselves, to those who are grateful, to those who serve.

While in this life, this brings about quite a dilemma – bad things happening to good people, injustice happening to the innocent, cruelty happening to the kind.  These things should not be, but such is life as citizens of the kingdoms of this earth.

This is not the end of the story.

There is coming a day when the reality of what we have received by faith – favor, righteousness, forgiveness, freedom, love, and grace will become sight.  In that day all that we already possess will be seen.  We do not wait to receive the wonder of this blessings for they are already ours.  We wait to experience the face-to-face reality of them.  The Lord Himself will return, we will be forever with Him, and all we believe now by faith will become sight.

Tonight at Encounter, we will see the power of this truth from James 5:1-12.  We will discover the source of our strength to live with patience, hope, and eagerness for the return of our Lord and for His kingdom to become sight!


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