The Hideous Monster of Self-Obsession

The apostle Paul said “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.”  We were rescued, purchased, and redeemed so that we might live free!  The purpose of the purchase was our freedom!  No more hiding.  No more guilt.  No more fear of His disappointment.  No more pressure to have to measure up.

The more that I soak in the overwhelming nature of that freedom, the more freedom I enjoy. The opposite is true as well.  The less free that I believe that I am, or the more that I think I still have to do in order to be pleasing to God, the less freedom I will enjoy in my life.  In seeking to have to do more, I unknowingly unlock a controlling monster within.  This is the hideous monster of self-obsession.  He lurks within the ranks of those who call themselves Christians seeking to further enslave its victims.

In our recent study of James at Encounter, we have seen the power of this deceptive and powerful monster.  There is a place of rescue and release from the monster.  The way of escape however is not through greater self-effort and guilt.  Click on the handout for more on this danger monster and how you can escape its haunting clutches.


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